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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  July 18, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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the person leaving masterchef... is... this is fox 5 news at 10:00. a shocking surprise caught on camera. you are watching a black bear in action right in a local neighborhood. but first tonight get ready for the extreme heat. thanks for joining us tonight at 10:00. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm laura evans in for brian. if you think it's hot now, you haven't seen anything yet. triple digit temperatures sweeping across the country adding to an already hot month. check this out. in just the first 18 days of july more than 1,000 high temperature records acthe country either tied or broken and we're probably about to see some more. fox 5's sue palka is tracking this heatwave. sue? >> we've been watching this
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heat building in intensity, especially across the middle part of the country, for a while. now behind me the headline is that blazing heat that's been affecting the central united states will now begin moving east. just to give you some idea of the heat we're talking about, let me show you the high temperatures today across the nation and they were really high. we are going to see a lot of places into the triple digits. that's what we saw and as a matter of fact dallas, texas, has had 17 days at or above 100 degrees in a row. they had another one today at 101 degrees for the high, 103 wichita, 102 del rio but look towards st. louis, 97, d.c. 93. hey, we've been as high as 102 this summer, but it's about to get worse. want to show you what's going on. we have heat warnings and heat advisories across country and we believe there will be some issued for us in the next few days. the core of this heat is still to our west. we aren't in the worst of it yet. this is where it's all
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happening right now. the jet stream will allow that huge area of high pressure in the upper levels of the atmosphere to start expanding east. as it does that, it moves into our region. it likely gets in here on wednesday, but the really hot stuff will be on thursday and friday. we think that will be pretty bad. we're getting you ready for triple digits getting into the middle of the week. you need to start thinking about making sure you plan accordingly and make sure you have lots of space to get hydrated and also areas to get cooled off in. the big heat will move east, which we also have to talk about thunderstorms and would you know there's even a tropical storm. so lots more coming up in weather. we'll focus on this storm in a little while. a warning from pepco tonight to conserve energy in this heatwave. the company says extreme heat can put a lot of stress on electrical equipment, but they say the power supply should be able to meet the high demand. their advice, set your thermostat at 78 and use an
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electric fan. turn off all nonessential appliances and postpone the use of high energy appliances like electric stoves, washers and driers and dishwashers until the evening hours. you can track the scorching temperatures on we've got an entire page dedicated to the heat from tips on conserving energy while staying cool to advice on keeping your car running in the heat. it's all there in one place. a heart stopping close encounter caught on camera. fox 5's bob barnard is here to show us and explain what happened. >> what you're about to see is a black bear feasting on bird seed in mcclain, virginia, not far from the beltway or tysons corner. >> that seems a little close. in so the question service he hungry or trying to escape? -- question is was he hungry or trying to escape? what was going on? >> we're not quite sure but there he was. he or she was spotted sunday morning in a backyard along snow meadow lane in mcclain, these photos taken by ann
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mitchell from the deck outside her kitchen. just a few feet from the bird feeder a black bear bent over and ate from it. >> where does it come from? don't know. >> reporter: there are woods out back and the beltway a few more feet away. >> i was thinking how can we have a bear in mcclain in my backyard? then i thought there are kids in the neighborhood. i was scared. i was really scared. >> reporter: she shot this cell phone video of the bear finishing its snack. had you ever seen a black bear in your backyard? >> 16 years here, never. >> reporter: then he just wanders off. >> then he wanders off. >> reporter: her neck move was to call fairfax -- next move was to call fairfax county animal control. >> typically we don't take action to remove a bear unless there's some type of threat. >> reporter: lucy caldwell with fairfax county police says it's not unusual to see black bears this time of year coming out of the woods. >> the best thing you can do is not be alarmed and remember they will continue to move on
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through the area. they're looking for food typically. >> reporter: usually seen in more rural surroundings, this one just outside leesburg a few years back. authorities say you can help keep them from coming into your neighborhood by not leaving loose trash outside and bird feeders filled with seed. ann's neighbors say there's all kinds of wildlife here, rabbits, coyotes and foxes. >> but you see all the bucks. they're eight-point bucks. we have not seen bears here. >> reporter: and they're not too worried. >> at first i was wondering about it, but i know that black bears are not going to attack. they usually stay clear of people. so as long as i stay clear of him, i think it's all right. >> the bear came and went and hasn't been seen since. >> i can understand them being a little concerned. good thing the bear hasn't been back. ann mitchell said she was scared but she still managed to take the video and the pictures. >> we're glad she did and her
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husband said he's glad she did. otherwise he might not have believed her. >> pretty incredible to see a bear in your backyard. >> it was tough to tell whether it was big or little, but it was a black bear nonetheless. fox 5 tonight monitoring metro and that new escalator at the foggy bottom metro station. there was an issue today. the escalator shut down before the afternoon rush, although it caused some delays, metro saying they did exactly what they were supposed to do. >> matt ackland here to explain. >> the problem is the brand-new escalator is and triggered the safety switch and the equipment shut down on its own. officials tell us a cone indicator at the bottom of the stairs may have been kicked or someone dropped a heavy piece of luggage on it. add to that there was a brake issue on another section of the escalator at foggy bottom. look at the line near the entrance of the george washington university hospital. these pictures were taken about 5:00 this evening. many people were forced to walk down the stairs on a pretty hot
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day that. tied things up. some people we talked to say -- day. that tied things up. some people we talked to say these escalator issues happen too often. >> quite annoying, especially when it's so warm. >> a heatwave coming this week. basically it's it's going to be hell. >> prepare for additional problems over the next few days. when it heats up, melt trophy tells us it typically has more -- metro tells us it tip chill has more problems with escalators -- typically has more problems with escalators, hot cars and even issues with the rails. tonight at 11:00 we'll tell you how metro is addressing these issues as heatwave arrives. tonight new developments in the phone hacking scandal rocking great britain. the whistle blower reporter has been found dead. so far police don't think shawn gore's death is suspicious. the british prime minister has ordered a special parliamentary session in connection with the news of the world scandal. the paper, of course, owned by
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news corp., the parent company of fox 5 news. fox's amy kellogg with the latest from london. >> reporter: today scotland yard's no. 2 was forced to resign. the latest casualty of the phone hacking scandal. this is less than 24 hours after the commissioner himself stepped down, both claiming their integrity is intact but say staying on would be a distraction amidst intense media coverage of the role police may have played here by not thoroughly investigating the news of the world hacking the first time around a few years back and for hiring a news of the world editor now under arrest as a p.r. consultant. rebecca brooks who resigned as head of rupert murdoch's newspaper empire friday was arrested sunday after she had voluntarily gone in for questioning. she was released on bail. her lawyers say they now want answers about her arrest. >> the position of rebecca brooks can be simply stated. she is not guilty of any criminal offense.
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the position of the metropolitan police is less easy to understand. >> reporter: the government remains potentially tainted as well. with prime minister david cameron on official business in africa, again under pressure to explain why he hired andy colson as chief of communications. colson stepped down in january. he was arrested last week. >> no one has argued that the work he did in government in any way was inappropriate or bad. he worked well in government. he then left government. >> reporter: rupert murdoch who runs news corporation, the parent company of fox news and his son james, as well as rebecca brooks will sit before a parliamentary panel tomorrow as british lawmakers try to get to the bottom of hacking allegation. in london amy kellogg, fox news. >> the phone hacking scandal seems to get bigger by the day. media crisis expert jason maloney joins us. thank for being here tonight. >> thank you. >> on a scale of 1 to 10 how
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would you rank this in terms of negative impact on news corp.? >> i think it's a 10. this is a serious, serious matter and the only saving grace it seems is that the focus is shifting to the law enforcement officials involved and government officials who seem to have some questions being put to them. >> at this point how would you rate the way it's been handled and what would you do differently? >> clearly rupert murdoch did not acknowledge this was a serious crisis as it truly is early enough. it seems like he's getting better crisis counsel now preparing for testimony tomorrow. i think it's a situation where he did not take the appropriate steps that he should have. >> certainly now we're learning about this whistleblower and the alleged death which place now are investigating. the scandal is growing. the fbi and now u.s. lawmakers are asking questions. what should news corp. be doing here in the u.s.? >> well, rupert murdoch is an american citizen. news corp. is an american company. i think the play we'll see unfold tomorrow on stage in london is going to be quickly
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replicated in the u.s. news corp. can expect a similar request from congress probably to appear and offer testimony and answer questions directly. >> is that a smart move? should rupert murdoch testify before congress? insight really a no win situation. he -- >> it's really a no win situation. he has claimed to have transparency and meet accusations head on and find the truth, but appearing before lawmakers or parliament in london really does him no good. he's saying he's going to be forth coming and he seeks transparency. i'd like to see his testimony tomorrow. i expect he's going to claim good intentions, but offer very little specifics. >> bottom line, can news corp. recover from this sort of media crisis? >> it's hard to say. news corp. is an enormous enterprise compromised of many, many brands. certainly senior folks' heads have already rolled within news
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corp.'s, although not james murdoch and rupert himself. can it survive? it can survive, take some clear direct action right now and as i've heard the focus is probably shifting to other media enterprises who may have been guilty of similar crimes as well as shifting to law officials and government officials as well. >> news corp. is the parent company of fox 5. media crisis expert jason maloney, thank you. it seemed to be fun and games until one person pulled a gun and shot the other. we have the disturbing details on this situation next. plus up in flames, fire tears through several boats in the district. and if you're skipping the sun, you could be making yourself sick. the hidden health danger at 10:30. 
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gunshots fired in the middle of a day in a busy d.c. street. tonight the suspect is on the run and the victim is recovering from several gunshot wounds. >> reporter: martin luther king jr. avenue was alive with
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shoppers and pedestrians just before noon when witnesses say the men began horsing around in front of this pizza place. >> they were checking out with the guys playing, horsing around. >> reporter: that's when witnesses say the one who didn't like it left to get a gun. when he returned, the man opened fire striking the victim several times. >> terrible. it was terrible. guy doesn't know when to stop playing. >> reporter: the busy street near malcomb x avenue was quickly shut down as police saturated the area. one woman who said she know knows the victim showed up on the scene in -- knows the victim showed up on the scene in hopes of learning of his condition. >> he's a good guy. i've known him since he was 5 years old. >> reporter: debra watson said she wanted to get the police in touch with the man's mother. >> i never does anything to anyone as far as i know. >> reporter: police say the gunman took off the victim is expected to survive. >> we do have shootings that
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take place time to time. it's not the first one. i'm sure it won't be the last one. >> reporter: no one else was harmed in the assault. paul wagner, fox 5 news. >> although the victim was shot several times, he is expected to survive. in maryland a pickup truck crashed into a in building hyattsville causing two stores to close down. a woman appears to have a medical emergency before crashing into the arctic carry- out. the restaurant and liquor store next-door are closed until inspections and repairs can be made. we're told the driver only had minor injuries. different story involving a bus that left d.c. headed for niagra falls. two women were killed when the bus flipped over on i-93 in upstate new york sunday afternoon. 30 passengers were on that bus. investigators believe a tire blew causing the driver to lose control. at least 20 people are still in the hospital tonight. a devastating and very expensive fire in southeast
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d.c. the blaze destroyed four boats at the washington yacht club on m street. as fox 5's sherri ly shows us, for some boat owners, the loss means more than just their summer recreation. >> reporter: the four burned boats at the bottom of the anacostia river now, sunk by an early morning fire at the washington yacht club. parts of the wreckage are visible above water. steve ricker's 42-footer was the last to burn. >> it's like losing someone in your family. it's a part of everybody in the family all the way down to my grandchildren. >> reporter: firefighters attacked the flames by land and from two fire boats approximately they untied several boats from the dock and set them free to keep them from catching fire, too. boat owners were helpless to stop it. >> i'm still in shock. i just renovated the boat and now everything is gone. >> reporter: the fire started on one boat and quickly spread to the others nearby.
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>> we do have some collateral damage and again this is pretty combustible materials, fiberglass, plastics, fuel, a lot of hazard material. >> reporter: people could see the flames from nearby highways and bridges. it was so bright the fire woke people living aboard boats in the marina. no one was hurt. >> i am and all of us are very fortunate and very thankful that none of the boats exploded. >> reporter: the burned powerboats, two more than 40 feet, two others larger than 34 feet, together they are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. it is devastating to see. >> you tell me how bad it is. there's nothing left. >> reporter: one boat owner says they are fortunate. people were living aboard their boats here and saw the fire to call 911. otherwise these may not have been the only boats destroyed. the entire marina could well have burned. in southeast, sherri ly, fox 5 news. >> d.c. police are looking for the suspects responsible for a rash of robberies and assaults
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in the metropolitan branch trail. the latest incident happened at 9:30 this morning. a man was riding his bike on the trail near the eighth and edgewood entrance when he a man with a gun robbed him. there are now safety patrols on the trail. the clock is ticking, pressure mounting for congress, less than two weeks until the nation could default on its loans. we have an update on any progress next. 
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two weeks left until the debt ceiling deadline. no deal could force the u.s. to default on its honeys for the first time in history. even though democrats and republicans agree, the debt ceiling needs to be raised, we still don't have a deal. fox 5's tom fitzgerald with the latest developments. >> reporter: with 14 days left until the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling deadline the president again urged both sides today to
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work together and so far have been far apart. >> we can't let politics stand in the way of doing the right thing in washington. we can't stand in the way when it comes to doing the right thing on deficits. >> reporter: the focus monday shifted to the capitol. house republicans are introducing a bill tying any debt ceiling agreement to a balanced budget amendment even if it reaches the president's desk, the white house already promising a veto. >> unfortunately there's no chance of this getting through. >> reporter: democrats like maryland's chris van holland say the gop bill is a distraction that could drastically cut medicare and leaving tax cuts for the wealthy in place. >> i think when people realize what they're doing playing with the constitution in that way, they'll see that this is not a viable option. >> this is a plan. >> reporter: but republican senator tom colburn did try to float his own option monday, a massive $9 trillion proposal
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that dwarfs anything proposed by either the democrats or the republicans. >> what i'm saying, it's time for a new day, the politics needs to stop. the president's politics needs to stop and the members of congress' politics needs to stop. >> reporter: but what won't be stopping any time soon is apparently the senate. majority leader harry reid announced monday the senate will stay in session until a final deal is reached. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >> the president met with top republicans in the white house yesterday. jay carny says a variety of options -- around inn says a variety of options were discuss -- carney says a variety of options were discussed. today general david petraeus officially handed over command of the afghan war to marine general john allen today. petraeus is returning to washington to direct the cia. the new commander is known for helping fight sunni insurgents
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in iraq. security will gradually be transferred to local afghan forces. the daytime heat is almost unbearable. there are warnings and places for you to stay cool, but avoiding the sun's rays could be dangerous for you. we'll tell you what you need to know to keep your family healthy next.
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you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. >> many doctors believe vitamin d is one of the most important vitamins to fight off disease, but most of us don't get enough of it. tonight investigative reporter tisha thompson breaks down some of the abcs of the big d. ♪let the sun shine >> reporter: boy, is it hot and while many of us try to keep cool with big hats, umbrellas and shaded trees we could be hurting ourselves down the road according to some doctors. >> i tan red, so i tend to try to stay out of the sun for the
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most part. >> reporter: these outside -- it's been revealed dan has low levels of might minimum d. we all have it. -- vitamin d. we all have it. sunlight helps us absorb vitamin d which promotes bone growth, but you might not be getting enough. >> many studies have revealed children, the elderly, people who are consciously avoiding the sun are being found to be low in vitamin d. >> reporter: and that might impact your health more than you know. recent studies by dr. lena clark found vitamin d protected mice against some cancers like breast and endometrial. >> the vitamin d, that diet totally protected the animals. so their risk of cancer was clearly lowered.
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>> reporter: low vitamin d has been linked to depression, diabetes, even obesity. >> it seems that perhaps 30 minutes a week direct exposure to sunlight is enough. >> reporter: but with skin cancer concerns not everyone wants to soak up the rays. so what do you do? >> it's not found in many of the foods that we eat and it's certainly not found in the junk foods that we eat. >> reporter: unlike many vitamins you won't find the d kind in colorful veggies, but there are some things you should put in your shopping cart. first on the list? seafood. >> salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines, blue fish, anchovies, any of the fishes that we think of as being oily or being fatty are the best sources. >> reporter: those concerned about heavy metals should stick to smaller fish like sardines and anchovies. next up, eggs. vitamin d is found only in the yoke.
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in the over. >> if you look on the label -- on the yolk. >> if you look on the label it will say a good source of vitamin d. that's because these chickens will have been supplemented with the vitamins. >> reporter: don't forget the dairy aisle and milk supplemented with d. a simple blood test can tell if you're vitamin d deficient. most doctors will treat with supplements. >> a multi vitamin will contain 400 units of vitamin d. that's probably a good minimum amount for many, many people. >> reporter: greg's doctor started him on weekly pills. he findings out next month if his levels improved. >> after i started taking the supplements i noticed i had a little more energy. didn't need quite so much caffiene. >> reporter: and he's trying to get outside more for lunch to v way. tisha thompson, fox 5 news. >> dr. clark says some studies have shown supplements might
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not be good for people at risk of colon car. it's always best to talk to your -- colon cancer. it's always best to talk to your doctor first. former nfl players could be at higher risk for alzheimer's disease. researchers studied more than 500 retired pros and found 35% had signs of mild cognitive impairment when compared to nonathletes. the players had similar impairments, but displayed symptoms at a significantly younger age. the findings suggest repeated head trauma may lead to earlier onset of degenerative diseases. no risk of any injuries right now thanks to the nfl lockout, but players could be back on the field soon we hope. lindsay murphy is here with the very latest. >> today is a real first time having hints the lockout is near. lawyers met for more than eight hours today in new york. the plan is for members of the players association and the reps of every team to be in d.c. wednesday for possible decisions to reestablishing the
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union and signing off on a tentative pact with the owners. the owners have a league meeting in atlanta thursday. that's when they could ratify a new agreement if there is one. the sides say progress is being made, but how much? for that information we bring in sports agent doug eldridge also a jmu grad. the big question obviously, is it feasible players could sign off wednesday, owners thursday and we'd have football back in business friday? >> i think for the first time we as fans are looking at a pragmatic solution. we could absolutely hit that wednesday, thursday, friday timeline, no longer wishful thinking. >> how easy or difficult is it? i know one of the major steps is players need to recertify as a union and what does that process entail? >> i think there are two avenues. first it's not the heavy lifting, a little paperwork and red tape but it could be one of two things. players could petition teams to voluntarily recognize their status which could happen as soon as training camps open or
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the more laborious you're the would be for them to have to petition the national labor relations board and need a 33% majority of a majority of the voting body of players to pass it. so obviously it's not only more steps, but more time required to recertify. >> we know there are issues still sitting at the table. do you think this will get all done by friday? >> i think it's very possible. what you're hearing now is either all the details are done or none and what that statement is saying is both sides want to have a clean start. in other words, let's have resolution to everything laying on the table before we call this a done deal and move forward together. that's what we're hearing as being the global package or bundling in some circles. it's a couple of issues. no. 1, the brady and nfl case. the nfl wants resolution of the class action suit of sorts which has some of the larger names in the nfl as named plaintiffs. the nfl is saying we need you
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to have resolution before we can move forward. the second thing would be the lingering tv rights issue. we're talking about the third issue being the benefits. $320million in lost benefit from last year which we heard later this afternoon early this evening which the players are willing to take that off the tables an impediment to closure and one of the final things being not only the application to franchise tag some of the named plaintiffs in the suit, but also whether or not the league will apply retroactive personal conduct policy to some of the infractions we've seen to some of the prominent and lesser known players during this extended offseason. >> in other words, there's some work to be done. you're an agent, represent four nfl players. i bet you're glad to see some progress. >> as somebody put it earlier, we're on the 1 yard line. let's punch it in. >> thank you so much for coming in. are you sick of the airlines nickel and diming you? there's a new push that could help you get a refund for those
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pricey bag fees, the details are neck. next. 
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 this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lex us dealer. live life heroically.
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most airline passengers are forced to pay extra for checked bags these days, but what if your luggage doesn't make it to your destination or it's lost altogether? should the airline be forced to refund your baggage fee? one senator thinks so. >> when the luggage doesn't show up when you show up to say they're going to keep that extra money, that's outrageous. >> senator chuck schumer is sending a letter to all major airlines requesting that they refund baggage fees if luggage is delayed or lost. he says if they don't act on his request, he will introduce legislation to force them to do so. if you happen to have a
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border's gift card you may want to spend it now. border's announced today it will liquidate its remaining stores after ad bying deadline passed over the weekend with no offers to buy the bankrupt bookstore chain. there are 400 border's stores still standing after the company filed chapter 11 bankruptcy in february. tonight on the news edge railcars with no ac, delays due to the heat, escalators out of service. this week's extreme heat could cause serious problems for metro. what the transit agency is doing to keep you comfortable on your ride. plus former campaign officials accused of telling voters to stay away from the polls on election day? one of them speaks out tonight at 11:00.
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the crew of the space shuttle atlantis is wrapping up nasa's final shuttle mission tonight. astronautsed by the crew farewell today. the shuttle has been parked there about a week unloading tons of supplies. atlantis is expected to undock
10:45 pm
early tomorrow and scheduled to land at kennedy space center thursday morning ending nasa's 30 year shuttle program. a man from our area will be among those watching the final shuttle landing in person. he registered for the chance on nasa's website and much to his surprise his name was chosen. fox 5's beth parker shows us how you can be part of it, too. >> reporter: the news from nasa. >> dear ching yu, great news. >> the final liftoff of atlantis. >> reporter: rocketed into his life via e-mail. >> you have been selected from the waiting list to attend the expected landing of the space shuttle atlantis. >> reporter: ching yu is an army reservist and it contractor, a maryland resident and twitter fanatic. did you tweet you're sitting here with me? >> no, i haven't. >> reporter: because i'm tweeting i'm sitting here with you. >> okay. well, i better. >> reporter: so we don't cross each other, right? >> my wife and i have actually tweeted each other just like this. >> reporter: pretty romantic, huh? >> no eye contact, nothing.
10:46 pm
>> reporter: is that working out for you? >> yes. it will be 16 years in september. >> reporter: ching yu is among the 50 people chosen randomly by nasa to tweet up. >> i type as fast as i could. save me a seat. reply. >> reporter: that means he'll be tweeting from a front row seat at the final shuttle landing at kennedy space center in florida. >> i'm definitely counting the hours. i keep getting notifications that your flight is coming up soon. >> reporter: he is excited about hearing a sonic boom and expects his reaction will be something like -- >> oh, my god. >> reporter: he really got looked on twitter when deployed to iraq in 2008. he tweeted picks of things most of his friends had -- pictures of things most of his friends had never seen back home like a sandstorm. >> the whole sky would get orange and then dark. it was an amazing sight. >> reporter: he doesn't have a great camera for the launch. >> a friend of mine on twitter even said take my nikon. >> reporter: he flies to orlando wednesday night. the shuttle is scheduled to
10:47 pm
touch down at 5:58 a.m. thursday. e figures he'll be tired -- he figures he'll be tired but not too tired for his eyes to be watching and his fingers to be typing. if you'd like to follow ching yu on twitter, visit our website >> what a great opportunity for him and we hear at fox 5 have tweeted with him. quite often we did when he was in iraq. >> he let us know when he was coming back, would tell us what it was like over there. he's probably a great person to follow on twitter for that. >> well, he deserves, it too. >> they say it's quite a thrill. >> the heat is blowing my mind back here. so today was bad. >> it's going to get worse? >> you know it's going to be bad when it's going to happen late in the week and we're talking about it on monday. here's why. we have hot weather every summer in d.c. we may be getting four consecutive days at or above 100. there were some places yesterday with heat indices in the 120s. >> oh, my.
10:48 pm
>> in south dakota. so that's not good. >> we want you to be ready and prepared for it mentally and physically. take lots of breaks. check on people who could be impacted by, this the elderly, children, your pets, too. we'll keep you ahead of this. we think the worst of it will be thursday to maybe sunday and then just back to the 90s. today wasn't too terrible. let's talk about the headlines because we do think this will roll into town, the triple digits, probably by thursday. we've already been to 102 degrees this year. we had three days last year, maybe four where we had temperatures over 100, but it's the consecutiveness of this that has us a little concerned this time. get ready for, it folks. tomorrow not too bad. the hottest days will be late week. our temperature was 93 degrees. we'll have thunderstorms around tomorrow, so that will help, too much not everybody will see them. they may, in fact, have some heavy rain and gusty winds but will also bring cooler weather
10:49 pm
and guess what, tropical hurricane season has started. we have our second tropical storm bret. temperatures as mentioned, 93 here and for dulles, bwi, 95 degrees. no records. heading through the next 10 days all the records for d.c. are at or above 100 degrees, but we will challenge some of those. our all time high of 106 degrees also occurred in july. 83 degrees is where we are now, very hot and that's part of the concern. the nights will stay so very uncomfortable. so there's really no relief at night either. check out 10:00 temperatures across the country, still 90 in st. louis, wichita 92, texas broiling, dallas 96 degrees, mentioned earlier in the newscast they've had 17 days in a row at or above 100 degrees in dallas and with that very high humidity, too we're talking about heat in diesis in the 115 to 120 -- indices in the 115 to 120 range and in some instances it's been
10:50 pm
higher. tomorrow 94 degrees, thursday and friday into the weekend with those triple digit temperatures. we were watching to our north today. there was a sleight chance a couple thunderstorms might come through. the line -- slight chance a couple thunderstorms might come through. the line broke up. tomorrow the front will be very closer to the mason dixon line. it won't get much farther south, but the slight dip today will sink south as the front gets closer. the front will not cross, just be close enough to inspire maybe a thunderstorm. here is our tropical storm bret north of the bahamas. good news, it's going to move away. bad news, the surf will likely be high along the east coast the next several days, but bret won't be a threat to the east coast. as it goes pulling away, it will definitely kick up the surf. five-day forecast time, 94 tomorrow. we talked about the chance for wednesday, but rms and maybe an
10:51 pm
if you get one, be happy because it brings a big rush of cooler air down and brace yourself for the end of the week and there are lots of things you can do in your house, too. keep the shades down. everybody has been asking please hold off on using big electricity appliances until later in the day. >> around here we always need that sun block handy. but what level of protection is best? tonight in your news remix david martin ties to get some answers -- tries to get some answers. >> hey, guys, want to talk to you about my massive sunburn i've got. >> sure. >> it's like i came out of red lobster as the lobster. seriously you have to go out with some sun block or you'll wind up like this. i have skin coming off my nose. oh, my god. >> mr. joe the dude on youtube kind of enough to help us spin
10:52 pm
the sun block debate on the news remix. >> oh, i can't make any facial expressions. oh, my god. >> lots of days left to bake in the summer sun. >> my ear is sunburned. >> so you go to the store, right? you've got tons of sunscreen options. let's clear the confusion, end the debate on spf levels right now. >> paging dr. neil schultz. >> sunscreens with an spf of 15 give you 88% of protection from all the burning uvb rays. 30 gives you 95% protection. 60 gives you 99% protection. >> and 80, 90, 110 spf, are they worth the extra money? >> once you're up past 60, you're not getting any real additional protection from the sun. >> okay. so you're good with 15 to 60 spf, but you need to reapply every two to three hours when you're in the sun. these people on youtube did not.
10:53 pm
♪you are the sunshine of my life ♪ >> this is the amount that you need to apply to your entire face in order to get full protection. >> and for your body? >> you need this amount. this is about an ounce to 1 1/2 ounces. >> that means an average sun block bottle should be used after two days in the sun. when's the last time you used a whole bottle of sunscreen in one weekend? >> never. >> okay. >> but i know when the sunburns goes away, i'm going to look really [ bleep ] tan. i'm talking about like randy jackson. >> two days later. >> i'm peeling really bad. it's gross. >> koppell ganger. if he's not a -- doppelganger, if he's not a reminder to lather up, this youtube clip. is she's not alone, is she? >> this is the most disgusting
10:54 pm
thing i've ever done on my body. >> she's not going to eat that, is she? no? this just in, 22 from youtube takes us home with his take on the sun block debate. >> i got a real bad sunburn on my tongue. so we're going to take care of that right now. i'm 42 years old and i have been eating stuff since i was 4. >> ♪ sunshine on my shoulder >> okay. well, they fought in some of the most fierce battles in this country's history. tonight a museum singing some unsung heros histories. the story behind this incredible video is coming up on the news edge. today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local
10:55 pm
dodge jeep and chrysler dealers. 
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d.c.'s african american civil war museum has a new face and a new space. it has moved from its u street location and today marked the grand opening. fox 5's karen gray houston takes a closer look. >> reporter: there was the pomp and circumstance of a fife and drum corps and the period costumes, the crowd including curator frank smith gathering at the foot of the african american civil war memorial. they marched across the street to the new vermont avenue address of the new african american civil war museum. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: this year marks the 150th anniversary of the civil war and in case you didn't know, it more than
10:59 pm
200,000 black soldiers fought in it. these reenactors were here as reminders looking cool despite the 90-degree heat. >> these guys will march 20, 30 miles a day in war and in uniform. >> reporter: ron hilliard was a real life reenactor in the movie glory which told the story of the union's all black 54th massachusetts volunteer infantry that staged a legendary assault on a confederate army at ft. bragg. the museum has more than $4 million of exhibits including rifles, military documents, letters from the soldiers, uniforms and it's interactive. the grand opening program has dozens of city leaders, teachers, scholars and young students. >> to have an african american museum from the civil war was something to see. >> reporter: the new museum has seven times the


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